As a Church Body we will strive to help all of our members to Grow into full maturity as Christians. “To grow” is to increase, to advance to full stature or maturity, to expand in an increasing manner. In similar fashion “to grow” means to be changed from one state to another. Based on the two phrases make disciples, and teaching them as noted in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20 the church is commanded to grow the Kingdom of Christ through evangelism and discipleship training. This will include both the numerical growth of the Body of Christ (His Church) and the Spiritual maturity of each believer who comprises Christ’s Body. This is done through studying the scriptures, prayer and maintaining intimacy and unity with Christ and each other, both as individuals and collectively. Additionally, we are convicted that discipleship is best done in an intimate setting, and through individuals living life one with another. The following scripture references add to this thought and reinforce our convictions as it pertains to “Growing” as His followers/Disciples: Matthew 13:3-9, Ephesians 4:11-15, 2 Timothy 2:2, 1 Corinthians 14:20, Romans 12:2, Acts 2:42, 46-47, Acts 17:10-11, Colossians 3:16, Galatians 6:2.
Therefore, we as the Church must be intentional in our efforts to Grow the Kingdom of Christ and Grow in our Spiritual maturity.