Finally, as a Church Body we will strive to Send mature disciples back out into the world, to carry out the mission of the Church.  The Church is instructed to go into all the nations. The nations in the context of the Great Commission is referred to as “ethnos” (G1484), which originally denoted (a) “a nation” or “people group.” Therefore as the Body of Christ, His Church we are commanded to go into all the people groups of the world. We are commanded to go in order to be witnesses to Me (Christ) in their midst.  The Greek word for witnesses as found in the context of Act 1:8 is “martus” or “martur” (G3144) (whence Eng., “martyr,” one who bears “witness” by his death) which denotes “one who can or does declare what he has seen or heard or knows to be true.” Therefore it is our duty as a Church; living under the commandments of Christ through the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, is to multiply and spread out the Body of Christ into the entire world as witnesses of Christ to the lost, the backsliding, and the indifferent. The following Scripture references add to this thought and reinforce our convictions as they pertain to Sending: Matthew 5:16, 1 John 4:13-14, Luke 9:23-27, Matthew 10:32-39.
Therefore, we as the Church must be intentional in our efforts to send out believers into every people group and nation of the world. Starting in our own context and then ever expanding our outreach unto the whole world with the transformative Gospel message of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.