As a Church Body we will strive to consistently serve our community and each other, seeking to be the hands and feet of Christ. This focal point of our ministry is based on the word “GO” as found in Matthew 28:18. The Greek word is “poreuomai” (G4198), which means “to go on one’s way, to proceed from one place to another.” The thought process of this is that as one is “Going” about their life, they should be exemplifying, teaching, and witnessing to others about Christ’s teachings, commandments and the transformative power of His Holy Spirit. The individual members of the church body are therefore called to carry out the mission and ministry of the Church in their daily lives and activities. When we add to this the Biblical concept of servant leadership and the clarion call of Scripture for us to model our faith before others (both Christians and the lost), we gain a proper understanding that the Christian life is not primarily lived in the midst of the church walls, but rather in the midst of the world in which we have been placed.  The following Scripture references add to this thought and reinforce our convictions that pertain to the Church living out its “Mission” in the midst of a dark and dying world, through words and deeds (Serve): Matthew 20:25-28, James 2:15-16, 1 John 3:17.

Therefore, we as the Church must be intentional in our “GOING” about our lives, WHERE God has planted and placed us, for His Glory.


Recently we’ve partnered with Mission Lazarus for the coffee for our new coffee bar.